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Project Name: Proposal for iPad Project Ramsey School
Team members: Rick Melander, Lynette Strandness, and Gina Aguirre-Larson
Action Research Overview: This research project focuses on the impact of iPads on math vocabulary acquisition and comprehension and student motivation to do math. Students will use iPads for vocabulary study/practice, as well as assessment (both pre- and post-tests). Pre- and post- project attitudinal surveys will be administered to assess student motivation.

Action Research Cycle:

Timeline (implementation plan and progress, continue to update):


District Training/Mtg
Feb 1- training at 807
Ap 19 - District mtg for iPad ELL research

Team Mtg (see notes below)
Feb 3
Feb 10
Feb 17
March 1
March 23
Team Mtg(see notes below)
May 4
May 7

New Cycle
New students involved
in this
project during the
school year.
We moved to a new
iPads were not
available at
because our IT
Person was
delivering and
setting up computers
in the whole
List of the
apps we want
to use this year.

New students
using the
Initial survey.
Developed 1st grade
Small Moments stories.

Action/ Notes: (See action cycle attachment above)

Collect & Analyze Evidence:

Documents & Data (upload) 3rd Grade Reading Survey and 3rd Grade iPad Data
Formative Summary Report (must be uploaded by May 25, 2012)
Summative Report (due December, 2012)

Ongoing reflections and plan for sharing:

Anecdotal notes
How iPads are supporting learning.
- Students have begun to use internet for independent research after learning how to research on the iPad.
- Some reluctant writers have begun writing more in their daily journals after completing an iPad writing project.
- Student motivation/perception seems to be a major factor. Students ask to take another test on the iPad. Students ask for more vocabulary and grammar work so they can use the iPad. Competitive apps seem to appeal to some previously unmotivated students, in both math and language.
- Use of Socrative for testing: A group of students took the test with both Socrative and on paper. All performed better on the paper test - some as much as 40% better. They believed it was because they had time to reflect and could change an answer when taking a paper/pencil test.
- Student survey responses indicate that iPad use is very popular with the students.

Reflections & Notes:
- Scott- Schedule- When and what iPads are updated
- Renee and Scott - coordinating iPads

Planning for next year:
- Beginning of School year- Assess vocabulary (beginning, middle , end).Students write their own goal.


Notes/ Apps/ Resources used:

Socrative - for testing/capturing data (web site) - flashcard creation
flashcardlet & A+ flashcard pro

educreations - whiteboard app
screenchomp - whiteboard app

Bluster - helps students with rhyming words, synonyms, prefixes
Tic Tac Toe Phonics (Lakeshore)
Sentence Magic
Grammar Fun - nouns, verbs, adjectives

Wild Fables - reading Aesop fables
TabTales - for reluctant readers

Story Robe - story creation
Toontastic - story creation
PuppetPals - story creation

Art Maker - Story Creation
StoryKit - Story Creation

Meeting Notes